About me
Multimedia artist, director, concept design, producer
Founder and
Main focus: concept design, 3d mapping, scenography, motion design, analogue effects.
I am good at: creating ideas and developing them from scratch, making research, creating presentation, 3d mapping, 2d animation, finding people and inspire them for making projects, directing any audiovisual stuff.

Also i am teaching about finding your own voice in audiovisual world.
Below you can see some of my recents works. Speaker Digital Design Days 2020 Online edition and OFFF Moscow 2021.

Opening sequence for OFFF Moscow 2021
Our main goal with this work was to visualize the manifest of OFFF Moscow - "Wish for strange". Our interpretation of this is "The strange thing its a mistake that you are accepting as something beautiful and allowing it to become something special". We worked side by side with lettering artist Sergei Gurov and young sound designer Egor Greshnov.
Experiments with projectoin mapping for video content for Outline festival. Sila Sveta, Mutabor, Maxim Didenko, Stereotactic
All bumpers made by compositing video of macro photography of chemical and physical reactions of liquids.
Video background for Sirotkin concerts
Full circle production for music video for Elka singer
THank for you time& Feel free to write or call anytime.
Phone: +7 911 707 28 18
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