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This is a movie about circularity in life and how we perceive it. How the opposites exists not against each other but flowing through each other. How one thing are the birth for another, one emotion is a connection to next feeling and how sometimes we don't know wich one will be the next.
Video reference of approach how the world in music video "White Flag" may exist. It's about plasticity of the world, about the law of attraction, transformation and how the polar things attracts. How we perceive blocks on our way, how sometimes they appear from nowhere.
At first world is plain (opened for anything), we see the main character from the back, he is sitting on a chair. We see small sparks everywhere, but we don't see the fire. The world starting to "fold" in a small circle around his head. (Here we are playing also with holiness of the main character). Then on the first snap he is catching one the sparks and on the words "burned down" he turns his face to the camera. Pan camera movement 180° to the right.
Pan stops. In the center of the frame we see an antagonist (it can be a woman or a man, or the main character himself). She is standing in the middle of nowhere but we still see the sparks. Dolly zoom shot (or push in) tilts upwards and we can see many brunches appearing behind her head. We see her as some kind of a witch or goddess, and through these branches we see that now she gains power.
The fog comes from behind and goes directly to the camera (to the main character, because camera see this from his point of view). The fog fills all the shot.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
The Fog
Now the main character in her power. Here anything can happen. Mystical and strange. The main thing that character and the viewer сan not be sure where is up and where is down. Every earthly law (physical and optical) got mixed up here. This is a very strange foggy dream. In one these dream fragments of the fog becoming see trough fabric, and it doesn't live any opportunity to get out. References below
Right before chorus these white fabric that became an enemy blinds our hero and we see that she is holding him with that like on a leash. The camera moves in rhythm and we see the "ticking dance". The protagonist tries to move and stop as if a magnetic force doesn't allow him to step further each time. If we where looking from above to them (we don't) we see that he moves clockwise. He moves like a clock and camera goes in horizontal arc movement right until we see him only in the frame. Camera moves more and on the other side we see her holding "the leash". Arc movement continues until she's alone in the frame and there is no one under the white cloth.
Deceptive freedom
The white cloth flows in the empty frame. Two walls appear on the side and starting to shrink the emptiness of the frame. The cloth flies away into the sky. Pool out to the next frame.
Second verse. We see main character as a giant who observes what she'll become without him under her spell.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
She's lost, she becomes the victim of her own powers and everything starts to fall apart. We see how the world shifts and she can't do anything, we see her in her own maze. She can't find herself. The world and the camera rotating, there is no "understanding" how it works. She starts to run around between columns in slow motion and after several runs she finds herself - literally.
Self acceptance
It starts with only one and then in every corner we see her at the same time. In second pre-chorus on the words "Cause i'm waving the white flag" all one after another all of them starting to turn to the camera. They see us (viewers) now and they going to get us. They slowly move forward to the camera. Camera pans to the left (counter clockwise, represent the try to move time back) and we see the main one. She is standing in arch (portal).
Camera goes through the portal and in the center of the next one stands the tree (we saw it behind her in begging of the video). Camera goes inside the portal and tree flares up. Sparks floating everywhere. The camera pans 180° to the left and there is him. His is sitting in same spot we started from and looks over the shoulder into the lens. Then he turns away and we see that we now at the start of the same loop.
First part – studio, green screen
Second – Jumieges Abbey - France's Most Beautiful Ruin in Normandy
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